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That Zombie

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That Zombie Game is a top-down shooting game. You play as a Max Rath, a world-famous action hero who is immune to the virus. Max must scavenge supplies and complete quests to help the Safe Zone survive. Use dual wielded guns and special abilities to fight your way through the zombie infested levels. The objective of each level is to score as many points as possible to earn a three-star rating. You earn points by defeating zombies, collecting coins, and searching objects. The overall goal of the game is to defeat the Omega Clown Zombie and put an end to him coordinating zombie attacks. Enjoy playing this zombie game here at!

• Zombies don’t give many points, but they do increase your combo count. Move between searchable objects and defeat zombies along the way for maximum points.
• ATMs and armoured doors can only be opened with a key. They are worth lots of points.
• Killing a clown zombie gives 200 points. Make sure to find them once they spawn.

Kategorie: Schießspiele
Hinzugefügt 16 Apr 2023