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Witchcraft Tower Defence

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Witchraft Tower Defence is a strategy defense game where you must help a witch use her magic and minions to defense her land. To upgrade you need to merge 2 same towers, it’s free and upgraded towers are very powerful. Flowers increase range for all towers. Fungi increase damage for all towers. They have this skill only at level 1 so it’s up to you to decide if you want to upgrade them.

Tower skills:

Tower Types:
Water – splash attack.
Poison – long range, slows enemies.
Potions – burns enemies.
Birds – attack multiple enemies.
Horrors – high attack speed, fear skill. Bones – high damage.
Poison – slows enemy, slow effect stacks.
Burn – deals damage over time, burn effect does not stack.
Splash – deals damage to nearby enemies. If the target is burning then it will remove the burn and create evaporate effect that deals massive splash damage.
Freeze – stuns the target for a short time.
Fear – enemy takes additional damage from all sources of attack. 2-5x attack – attacks multiple target at the same time. 2x crit – 20% chance to deal double damage.
Meteor strike – massive area damage.
Poison outburst – if enemy has less than 10% hp it will explode and apply posion to all nearby enemies. 3x crit – 30% chance to deal triple damage.
Tsunami – chance to damage and freeze enemies in a huge area.

Hinzugefügt 19 Sep 2022