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Teen Titans go Titans: Most Wanted

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You need to help people from Jump City because many thieves are attacking the city and just you can do something about it! In the first level, you will be Robin, so you will have to fight one on one with those enemies that are attacking you. By clicking Robin you can move him more close to the enemy, so after you are pretty close you can fight them using the powers that are displayed in the header of the game. After you beat all the enemy from this level you will manage to clear the Jump City and move to level 2 where you will play with Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven. Each character has a different attack ability so play carefully and win the game! Playing Titans Most Wanted will improve your strategy and skill levels. Playlot more games inky in

Hinzugefügt 26 Nov 2020