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Rude Races

6,423 mal gespielt

In Rude Races game you are racing using a four-wheeled vehicle, going up against other racers controlled by the computer, having to cross the finish line first for each race, and if you can eliminate the other racers, even better! This is because you get weapons such as a bat to hit your opponents with, attacking them with the spacebar when near their vehicle, and with the arrow keys you accelerate and steer your kart to victory. Pick up any useful weapons you might find on the course, coins as well, because they can be used to buy new vehicles, weapons, and gear for your racer, but make sure to avoid any and all obstacles, if you don’t want to empty out your health bar! Enjoy playing this game here at!

Category: Fahren und Rennen
Hinzugefügt 03 Jun 2021