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Go Long!

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Go Long is a fun adventure game of Gumball who wants to play rugby while the yard sales are on. The streets are crowded with all sorts of funny things in the Go Long! Game. Can you help Gumball catch the ball without stumbling upon the objects? Press the "up" arrow to jump over the bicycles, the pots, the cereal boxes, and all the other objects that stand in Gumball’s way. Dash Gumball to smash on the card boards. Double tap on it to perform a double jump if the objects are too tall. Be careful not to hit your head in the objects that are tied up above the street. If you come across some cardboard barriers press the "right" arrow to take them down. You might find some protection on your way to catching the ball, and that is the armor. If you see a piece of armor in the yard sale, just pick it up and use it wisely. Enjoy playing Go Long fun running game here at!

Kategorie: Fähigkeitsspiele
Hinzugefügt 30 Sep 2020