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It seems that Dinosaur Train is a great category that still has lots to offer our visitors, as it seems that the show is still going as strong as always, and new games with these characters are always welcomed, and we recommend them to you even if you are or you are not a fan of the show, since flying dinosaur games are great on their own, so of course, a new game from this category such as Dino Flight is going to be a great experience. Since we want to make sure that is the case, we will now be explaining the game’s format, making sure you give it your best from the start! There are two flying dinosaurs that you can be, so choose the one you like most first. You use the up and down arrow keys to ascend and descend in the sky, having to grab the stick that is thrown to you, no matter in what direction it goes towards. After catching it right a few times, you fill-up the tricks bar at the bottom, which means that you are going to perform a fun and crazy stunt in the air, then you continue. Make sure to avoid obstacles in the air that you could bump into, such as mosquitoes, because bumping into obstacles three times means losing your three lives and the game

Hinzugefügt 20 Apr 2020