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My Experience With Nature

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I usually take a run to the park every morning around 6:30. However, today I couldn't make the morning run so I relegated it to the afternoon/evening. The first split was pretty uneventful as I saw the usual people running, walking or just sitting enjoying the afternoon atmosphere and the impending sunset. After reaching the park, i played a bit of basketball with my little brother who went ahead of me on a bike. After playing a bit my brother proceed to make the ride back to our home while I lagged behind a bit. I ventured over to the waterside as the park consist of beautiful Lakes on both sides. At the waterside were some jovial geese and swans enjoying the attention and food from other onlookers. I decided to snap a couple pics of these beautiful creatures and proceeded to get close to the waterside to capture a panorama. As I did so I spied some chipmunk/beaver looking creatures (Which I still haven't ID'ed as yet) that I had never seen there before (Or ever seen in reality if my mind serves me well). Thinking that the creatures would back off into the water if I came closer I stood where I was for a bit then started inching forward a bit. The creatures were feeding on grass and had apparently not noticed or felt threatened by my 6'2" frame as yet. I applied a bit more stealth and crept forward a bit more. Surprisingly they didn't seem any bit alarmed by me and in fact they seemed quite the opposite way. Apparently they thought my phone was a food item as they actually came closer to me. As they came close I realized with delight that these creatures had webbed feet!

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