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If you aren’t prepared to dedicate yourself completely to the story you are in the wrong line of work. Get out now, it’s one less body to crawl over to get to the top.
We aren’t skynet. We aren’t a technology company. We are a people company. We aren’t heartless, ruthless robots that place dollar amounts on relationships. Our relationships are our soul. Treat people with respect. Listen to everyone and respect their ideas and opinions, but don’t take any bullshit. What we do is art – don’t let anyone tell you any differently. Defend that art with your life. Be a lion. Be a monster. Be fierce in your defense and destroy anyone that stands between you and your art. Your art is your life.
Good ideas are easy to come by. Great ideas are the rarest and most beautiful things on the planet – cherish them.
To be afraid of what’s ahead is to be human – to push forward in the face of that fear is to be brave. Stop at nothing to achieve your goals. Dreams are for lazy people that sleep too much. Stop waiting around and make something happen. You are your greatest asset.
The second you understand you are different than everyone else on this planet the better off you will be – we are all mutants. The most unique become the most successful.
Trophies are nothing but paperweights someone else gave you.We don’t celebrate awards. We prepare to win the next one. The only applause we care about is the one that comes when the credits roll.
Amateur hour is over. This isn’t a classroom. This is your passion. You are here for a reason. Your story is just beginning and we are chapter one.
Time to discover what you’re made of.
Welcome to Jtwo…Welcome home.

Added on 29 Mar 2017
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