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The Egg Job

The Egg Job

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The city museum is exhibiting an rare fabergé egg. An experienced art thief is in town so the museum hired the best guard in the world to keep the egg safe. What happens in this heist is inspired by the cartoons I used to watch as a kid, such as Pink Panther, Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote, Tom and Jerry, and Heist films like Thomas Crown Affair, Ocean's Eleven, Reservoir Dogs and Now You See Me.

This short cartoon is my attempt to bring back the two characters chase and run feeling, exploring an UPA and Maurice Noble style. I always dreamed of making my own cartoon so when I had to start my final project I knew that this would be my chance to make it.
The main challenge was to come up with a story that I could make gags of it but at same time keeping it simple. So I started to take notes on things that I like and put them all together. My instructors helped me a lot to select which gags I should keep on the film. Once I had the story written I got to follow the process step by step, so I jump up to create the characters, Storyboarding, Animatic, Layout, Rough Animation, Clean Animation, Backgrounds and Compositing. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

Hinzugefügt 08 Oct 2017