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If we aspire to achieve a radical transition, we need to think beyond technological determinism, because technological determinism suggests that the status quo is functioning, whereas questions of agency would start to challenge notions of technological determinism. So there’s definitely a need to start to open up questions of technological determinism, to think, to rethink the relationship between technology and society and the kinds of social interests who become involved in shaping that relationship between technology and society, rather than being the technologically determined consequences of that action.
So there is a necessity to do that. That creates all sorts of challenges. How do you start to hear the voices of previously excluded others, what are the organizational innovations, the institutional innovations that are required to do that? And the not small matter of those incumbent social interests, who are equally determined to protect their power position and to continue to exclude others. So it’s necessary to open this up, but it’s also increasingly difficult to do so.

Hinzugefügt 03 May 2017
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