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Moon Patrol Game

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Prepare to enforce lunar law and order with Moon Patrol, a side scrolling shooter game available now through Arcade Classics. Gamers will play as a Luna City law enforcement officer on a mission to take out extraterrestrial foes and accumulate points. As you drive your moon buggy across the Luna City landscape, beware of dangerous obstacles like craters, which can be jumped over. Your diverse enemies include UFOs, craters, rocks, tanks, outer space plants, rocket ship cars, and a host of spaceships. Earn more overall points by completing each course level quickly; you’ll be able to refer to a handy time and stage indicator positioned at the top of your screen. In 1982, the Moon Patrol game was developed by Irem Corporation and licensed to Williams Electronics.

Kategorie: Walkthrough
Hinzugefügt 19 Feb 2017