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Created by Glenn Dawick
3D Artist / Animator / Designer
I was approached by Anatii in early 2011 to create a 3D animated music video for his 'Bananaz' audio track. I was lucky enough to have full creative freedom, as long as the characters were Lego men and there was a cool car driving down a Miami beach themed road.
The entire job went on for much longer than I expected, ending up 10 months in production. it was extremely difficult juggling this huge job by myself as well as taking on a full time 9-5 job. Most of this work was completed between the hours of 6pm - 2am, where I would get little sleep before starting my regular day job, before coming home to continue working on this.
It was a long difficult process, but I am extremely happy with the end result. It is the biggest and one of the most fun jobs I have worked on to date.
Everything was created from scratch, apart from the ghetto blaster model, and the background street cars. It made sense at the time to purchase these models instead of building them.
It was a fairly straight forward process starting with the breakdown of the audio track into various sections that would become the different scenes of the video. A 3D animatic was created and altered until everyone was happy before moving into the creation stage. Reference images were gathered for the look of the characters, scenes, lighting etc. and from there the building and animation started.

Hinzugefügt 26 Nov 2016
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