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Monetize your games by applying to the Y8 ads partnership.

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The Offer

Two options

Method 1

Games without Y8 SDK

50% Seitenwerbung
Earn 50% of ad revenue from the page where the game appears
No SDK needed
Does not require the Y8 SDK to be implemented
Method 2

Games that do use the Y8 SDK

50% in-game Einnahmen
Earn 50% of the ad revenue from ads that appear inside the game
10% Multiplayer Bonus
Get a 10% bonus for uploading a multiplayer game
5% Feature Bonus
Verdiene durch Seitenwerbung, mit einem Bonus an 5% für Spiele, welche jeweils die Y8 Features wie Online Saves, High Scores, Screenshots und Erfolge nutzen (Max 20% Bonus)

Exclusive Bonus

Regardless of the partnership method you choose, Y8 offers another type of bonus that is available to everyone

One month exclusivity

5% Page ads bonus (for life)

Lebenslange Exklusivität

40% Bonus with page ads (for life)

Was Leute sagen

Referenzen von Anderen, die bereits mit dem Partnerprogramm verdienen.

Julio R. Lunar R.
Tanque Games

I've worked with Y8 on multiple occasions now and it has always been a good experience. I would say that the best part of working with them is the communication, whenever I have a question I always receive a response quickly and they always have a friendly attitude.

Maicon R Da Silva
Virtua Games

Our partnership with Y8 Games has been great since the beginning, SDK is very easy to integrate, the support team is very efficient and always gives good advice to improve the games before release, definitely a good company to with with!

Sunit George
Studd Games

Had a great experience working with the Y8 revenue share program. The payments were quick and prompt with 100% transparency. I am really glad that my team and I have opted for revenue share with Y8.

Konstantin Matrunchik

We have been working with Y8 since 2015 and together we have released 15 cool games. These days we move our best games to HTML5 and work with a revenue share system. And we are very happy with the good results. We only have good things to say about our work with the Y8 team. Good communication, well documented and easy SDK, very friendly, good income for good games. Hope to carry on working together in the future!

Toby R.
Night Steed Games

We are very happy with our collaboration with Y8. The communication has been spot on - from initial API implementation, getting the game live to receiving monthly reports on time. We are looking forward to further developing our partnership with Y8 for all our products and would highly recommend them to other studios and developers.

Nikola Vasic
Poison Games
    I’ve been working with Y8 for around 6 months and it’s awesome. I have moved many of my android games over to WebGL and I used their website to share them. I love the revshare system. The earnings are good. I will keep porting and making new games for Y8.
  • - Very good communication with Y8
  • - SDK is very well made and very easy to implement
  • - Earnings are good ( but it really depends on the quality of games)
Hakan Demir

We have been offering unity Webgl games with Y8 for a long time and it is one of the companies with the highest revenue on the market. We generate more than $2000 per month. The Y8 Team are professionals in their field. We are very pleased and motivated to see that our games are displayed on the dashboard and that people are playing them. We would like to thank Y8 for its high quality and reliable services.

Abhilash K
Royales Games

I am working with from one and a half years. My games get a lot of exposure & traffic on Y8. It is the most traffic when i compare my games on other websites i work with. is a monster when we talk about traffic Management team of Y8 is very good & they are flexible to developer needs. I appreciate such flexibility & support from their management

Frequently Asked Questions

Y8 Games is a leading game publisher and developer focusing on desktop and mobile games. Previously known for hit Flash games, Y8 is the destination for players seeking online browser games and game developers looking to reach a wider audience.

For example, a lifetime exclusive multiplayer game, with high scores, cloud saves, and the game snapshot feature will give 50% (in-game ads) and 70% (page ads)

We recommend that you upload to Y8 as well, so the game will have a greater distribution and a greater chance for maximizing income. However, if the game has already been released on other websites, it is not eligible for the exclusivity bonus.

You can find more information about the Y8 tools by visiting the website.

Yes, of course! Please feel free to upload your game to any other portal you want, just bear in mind that you will lose the exclusivity bonus if it is already in place.

Yes, of course. Contact us and we will, with regret, disable the game from the partnership program.

Zahlungen werden per Banküberweisung oder PayPal gesendet, nachdem eine PDF Rechnung vom Entwickler gesendet wurde. Zahlungen werden monatlich ausgeführt, können aber falls nötig auch wöchentlich geschehen. Der Minimalbetrag für Paypal ist 100$, und $500 für Banküberweisung.

Y8 hat das Recht, jedes Spiel abzulehnen, das nicht unserer erwarteten Qualität entspricht, urheberrechtlich geschütztes Material enthält, kopierte Inhalte enthält oder gewalttätige, hasserfüllte oder andere beleidigende Inhalte enthält.

Egal um welche Art von Partnerschaft es sich handelt, ein Vertrag muss zwischen Y8 (als Publisher) und Ihnen (als Spieleprovider) unterschrieben werden. Spiele mit mehr als 70% Gleichheit der Inhalte sind nicht für den Exklusivitätsbonus berechtigt. Wenn eine Partnerschaft aufgelöst wird, oder das Spiel vom Y8 Netzwerk entfernt wird, werden wir 2 Monate Übernahmezeit reservieren, wo das Spiel weiterhin angesehen werden kann, aber keine Werbeeinnahmen mehr generiert.

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